League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena where players control a “champion” within short PvP or bot battles. As of February 27, 2014, there are 118 different champions from which to choose, all of which are classified by type (such as assassin, tank, or support), which indicates the champion’s gameplay style. Players gain levels from killing the opposing team’s champions, controlled by other players or bots, and minions that regularly spawn and attack the other team’s turrets, minions, and champions. In the classic game mode, the map is typically divided into three “lanes”, which are paths that spawned minions take; the “jungle”, an area between lanes where neutral monsters spawn; and “bases”, where players spawn and can purchase items.

Last Competitions

5vs5 LAN – EXP erience LoL
2th Place

5vs5 LAN – Esportsonline4
1th Place

5vs5 LAN – Universe – Big Bang
3th Place


Josip “Oluja” Lujić

Is 23-year-old from Zagreb, Croatia. He is the captain of the Atrox LoL team. In late 2013 his team Croatian Fun House and himself joined Atrox Gaming. Josip’s position in the team’s lineup is top lane. Although he likes to play Renekton the most, he can also play anything that is needed.

Position: Top Lane

Most played charachter: Renekton


Nikola “ATX XaNi” Zrinjski

Youngest member of Atrox League of Legends team. Also newest
member of the squad. He is only 16 years old, but already very good and experienced player. Nikola is playing soloque on EU West server. Definitely champion to point out for Nikola is – Lee Sin.

Position: Jungler

Most played charachter: Lee Sin


Hrvoje “JJ Huxa” Pejković

There is not really much to say about this guy. Even though he says
approximately fifteen words during the match, Hrvoje is always ready and prepared to destroy mid lane. He doesn’t have favourite champion, but at the moment he likes playing Orianna.

Position: Middle Lane

Most played charachter: Orianna


Josip “Oluja” Lujić

Marksmen of the Atrox League of Legends team. Ever since he strated playing League of Legends on competitive level, his favourite role was AD carry.
Dino is well know for his skills with Caitlyn and Jinx, but he also likes playing other AD carries.

Position: AD Carry

Most played charachter: Caitlyn and Jinx


Roberto “ATX tuk1” Vugrinec

Team’s support. Probably most experienced player in team, and definitely one with greatest knwoledge of every position. Roberto has been playing almost everything in team, and his latest role is support. His amazing skills on Thresh, especially with “Flay”, are well known

Position: Support

Most played charachter: Tresh