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Far Cry 5’s Secret Ending

Although it’s the ultimate goal of the game in Far Cry 5 to take down Eden’s Gate and its leader Joseph Seed, but if you’re feeling like you need redeeming, there’s a way to just go with the flow. There’s a secret Far Cry 5 ending you can unlock within about 10 minutes of starting […]

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV, or as I like to call it, Roadtrippin’ Boy Band Simulator 2016, hasn’t been officially announced for PC but it almost certainly will be. Game director Hajime Tabata has already explained that the absence of a PC version is a matter of development logistics, but in a new interview he indicates that […]

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Rainbow 6 Siege

It may not be the best timing, given that it clashes with the soon-to-be-live Doom multplayer open beta, but Ubisoft is making its team-based FPS Rainbow Six Siege free to play for the weekend. Beginning now and running until 1 pm PT on April 17, Rainbow Siege Six will be fully available on Steam and […]

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