Worlds 2017 will be a 24 team-tournament in China with teams from all 13 LoL professional leagues participating across multiple stages. The Worlds 2017 tournament format has been expanded to include a Play-In Stage before the Group Stage. LMS will now be awarded a 3rd regional seed for Worlds 2017. Some regions will be able to earn the second seed for Worlds 2017 based on MSI 2017 results. The three Korean seeds will not participate in the Play-In Stage and will be auto-seeded into the Group Stage. As we announced today, the 2017 League of Legends World Championship is heading to China from September 23 – November 4. Here’s a detailed breakdown of updated teams, regional seeds, and format for Worlds 2017. During Worlds 2017, 24 teams will participate across multiple stages at 2017. World Championship from the following regions:

Brazil (BR)
China (CN)
Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
Europe (EU)
Japan (JPN)
Korea (KR)
Latin America – North (LAN)
Latin America – South (LAS)
North America (NA)
Oceania (OCE)
Southeast Asia (SEA)
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau (LMS)
Turkey (TUR)

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