Atrox is the first registered eSports organization in Croatia which has the goal to promote the informational culture in Croatia. Atrox Gaming Organisation was established 16.3.2011 after reorganising eXtreme team which was founded 17.12.2006. eXtreme team was firstly based on Call of Duty 2 and 4 and we can praise ourselves on competing offline and online on a lot of tournaments. That which needs to be mentioned is that throught the team passed 38 teams and 11 organisors  as the certain amount of graphic designers, broadcasters and editors. Atrox will especially orient on quality information on gaming culture to the users. We will organise offline tournaments in various games, supply a forum, livestream, team registrations and a posibility to organise Your own tournaments with our backup. We hope for Your support so we could make this happen and make a good place for quality game.
Our final goal is to make a strong gaming organisation which will give young players the “proffessional” playing of the electronic sport which, in Croatia sadly is undeveloped. We are hoping to cooperate with various organisations, sponsors and players to make that goal. The most important thing of all is that we will try with our teams and work be an example to others who will or have activated similar projects in Croatia and further more.
Atrox Gaming is a registered Gaming organization in Croatia under the number: MBT: 97356930 and for that we have protected brand name Atrox Gaming. It also our logo has (“registered trade mark”) which are not allowed to use one in your purpose.

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